It started when former adman, winemaker, food writer and rare breed pig farmer John Doig started making chorizo in his garage at Moons Green in the Kentish Weald. A couple of year’s later you can find him in the middle of a busy butchery in Northiam, East Sussex. His business partner is the Portuguese chef José Azevedo, a veritable hurricane of invention and culinary inspiration. “They are one of the leaders of the new British Charcuterie movement, making an amazing array of fabulous saucissons, bacons, hams and uniquely British cured meats.”


A kiwi, John lived and worked in New York, Asia and the South of France before coming to England with his two youngest children. He’s driven by the idea that a British school of meat curing will lead to exciting new flavours and products. He is concentrating on celebrating Britain’s great advantage; the best pork in the world.


José was born and brought up on the island of Madeira before emigrating to the finest kitchens in London as a 16-year old. He worked for many of the top chefs en route to becoming head chef at a range of renowned restaurants like Asia de Cuba in London and ultimately the Swan at Chapel Down. It was in this last restaurant that John found him and dragged him into his butchery to work his magic and bring a chef’s imagination to charcuterie recipe development.

Graphical design by Bill Mason